Monday, February 2, 2009

Back Home and....

Back in Colorado now for a year and I finally get to blogging again. I contemplate the idea of changing the name of the blog as I am no longer a lass in Alaska but more of a Mountain Lass. Any thoughts? Life is amazing and full of changes! I wonder if a life without some kind of change or constant movement is a bad thing? I have moved, oh and moved again. I can't seem to force myself out of the beautiful Rocky Mountains and am actually being accused of migrating farther into them.

The things I was so glad to be coming home to have been wonderful! My family and friends, the peacefulness of the familiar surroundings and home. Life is a constant change though isn't it? I have left the jobs I came home to, and left my beloved cabin and have moved over the mountain to another county and to different companies. I have kept and treasured the friendships of old, but continue to develop new ones.

Alaska is still a memory that was a grand adventure and such a time of growth and personal healing for me. Strangely enough, all desires to return to the familiar there are still not even close to the overwhelming desires to stay in Colorado and find the new adventures this wonderful state has to offer me! I will start blogging them here as they come.....

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Rowan said...

Your mountain photo is fabulous. Wow, what atmosphere! Was it taken at sunrise or sunset, or is there a storm brewing?

I wouldn't want to stray far from the Rocky Mountains either, and look forward to seeing more pictures and reading more posts. I used to live on the northern tip of Scotland, in Caithness, and grew up in Sutherland, on the north east coast, which was hilly and foresty. Nothing on the scale of the wonderful Rockies, but I felt a sense of intense peacefulness when outdoors, just me, a dog and the coastal cliffs.

Blog on!